Métadonnées de méthode analytique

Grandeur: Terbium
Unités: ppm

NFLD lake sediment compilation of ~17000 sites.  Total concentration of the element was determined by INAA on about 10g of sample.  The samples (with duplicates and control reference materials included incognito) were weighed and encapsulated in the Geochemical Laboratory of the Dept. of Mines and Energy in St. John's.  The determination limit may have varied over the years.


Davenport, P.H. (1988).  The use of multi-element neutron activation analysis of organic lake sediment in geochemical exploration for gold. In Current Research. Newfoundland Department of Mines and Energy, Geological Survey Branch, Report 88-1, pages 403-414.

Limite de détermination:0.5  ppm
Limite supérieure de détermination:
Précision analytique:
Range ( ppm )Precision ( ppm )
 0.01 - 1.5   0.01 
 1.5 - 50   0.1 
Groupe analytique:Tb | - | -

Technique analytique:


Décomposition analytique:


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