<2 mm size fraction sieving

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GSC Ottawa Sed Lab Sieving

A 500 g split of the field sample was air dried and screened and the <2 mm fraction retained.  The <63 μm fraction was prepared by dry sieving a split of the <2 mm material using a stainless steel 230 mesh sieve.  A 75 g split of the <2 mm fraction was pulverized to approximately <100 μm in preparation for other geochemical analyses.  Prior to being pulverized, the >2 mm <63 μm fraction was repeatedly washed and dried to prepare a sand fraction free of silt/clay particles.  The <2 μm fraction was prepared by centrifugation.  Following a low RPM spin designed to remove the >2 μm fraction, a high RPM spin was used to remove the <2 μm fraction from suspension.

[description taken from GSC Open File 2685]

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