Agassiz metallotect

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The Agassiz metallotect is a 70-km-long zone of coincident magnetic and electromagnetic geophysical anomalies that correspond to a distinctive lithological association consisting of picritic basalts, iron-formation, clastic sedimentary rocks and felsic volcanic rocks. The metallotect extends from the southeast shore of Barrington Lake to the Motriuk Lake area approximately 10 km west of the town of Lynn Lake [Manitoba]; it is the setting for the MacLellan, Dot Lake, Nisku, Rainbow, and Farley Au-Ag deposits.

Fedikow, M.A.F., Parbery, D, Ferreira, K.J. (1991). Geochemical target selection along the Agassiz Metallotect utilizing stepwise discriminant function analysis. Economic Geology, v. 86, no. 3, p. 588-599.

Source: Economic Geology, v. 86, no. 3, p. 588-599.

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