Calcium carbonate

Keyword Definition

Calcium carbonate

Category: Analysed quantities

Subcategory: Aqueous

Keywords corresponding to analysed quantities.  The types of analysed quantities have been grouped into eleven different subcategories. Examples: “Au”, “pH”. Taken from the “Analytical_Quantities_SHARED” database table.  The subcategories are taken from the “Analytical_Quantity_Types_SHARED” database table.

Index Group Name Decomposition Technique
1    CaCO3 | NONE | TITRATION   None   Titration
2    CaCO3 | NONE | WD-XRF   None   WD-XRF

ID Units Det. Limit Technique Decomposition
1    ppm 0.2   Titration   None
2    percent 0.01   WD-XRF   None

Index Suite ID Suite Name
1  386     GCS (surface water) alkalinity (NGR, ON, 1982)
2  617     Geoscience Labs, (OGS) MRD123 Lithogeochemical Database: wavelength-dispersive XRF of fused glass disks

Index Package ID Package Name
1  104     OGS / MRD123 miscellaneous methods
2  384     GSC (NGR surface water) AAS (7)), U, C-org, Cl, Br, NO3, SO4, PO4, F, pH, alk
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