black shale

Keyword Definition

(a) A dark, thinly laminated carbonaceous shale, exceptionally rich in organic matter (5% or more carbon content) and sulfide (esp. iron sulfide, usually pyrite), and commonly containing unusual concentrations of certain trace elements (U, V, Cu, Ni).  Fossil organisms are commonly preserved as a graphitic or carbonaceous film or as pyrite replacements.  Syn: biopelite.  (b) A finely laminated, sometimes canneloid, carbonaceous shale often found as a roof to a coal seam (Tomkeieff, 1954, p. 29).  Syn: black metal.

Tomkeieff, S.I. (1954). Coals and bitumens and related fossil carbonaceous substances; nomenclature and classification.  Pergamon Press, London, 122 p.

Source: AGI Glossary of Geology, 4th edition, 1997

Category: Geological

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