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As used by Fennoscandian geologists, an old Swedish mining term for silicate gangue (amphibole, pyroxene, garnet, etc.) of certain iron-ore and sulfide deposits of Archean age, particularly those that have replaced limestone and dolomite.  Its meaning has been generally expanded to include lime-bearing silicates, of any geologic age, derived from nearly pure limestone and dolomite with the introduction of large amounts of Si, Al, Fe and Mg (Holmes, 1920, p. 211).  In American usage the term is more or less synonymous with tactite.

Source: AGI Glossary of Geology, 4th edition, 1997

Category: Geological

Geological keywords, such as “granite”, “lake”.  The definitions are generally taken from the AGI Glossary of Geology.  Keywords with a geographic context (e.g. Cape Smith Fold Belt, Selwyn Basin, Grenville Province) are assigned to a separate category.

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