Keyword Definition

(a) Any inland body of standing water occupying a depression in the Earth’s surface, generally of appreciable size (larger than a pond) and too deep to permit vegetation (excluding subaqueous vegetation) to take root completely across the expanse of water; the water may be fresh or saline.  The term includes an expanded part of a river, a reservoir behind a dam, or a lake basin intermittently or formerly covered by water. (b) An inland area of open, relatively deep water whose surface dimensions are sufficiently large to sustain waves capable of producing somewhere on its periphery a barren wave-swept shore (Welch, 1952).

Source: AGI Glossary of Geology, 4th edition, 1997

Category: Geological

Geological keywords, such as “granite”, “lake”.  The definitions are generally taken from the AGI Glossary of Geology.  Keywords with a geographic context (e.g. Cape Smith Fold Belt, Selwyn Basin, Grenville Province) are assigned to a separate category.

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