Métadonnées des échantillons témoins

Description des échantillons témoins

[c.f. CR 9E-78, CR 9J-78, CR 9K-78, CR 9L-78]

The same solutions as for the 1978 lake water control references were used for the stream water control reference samples.  The mixing ratios and volumes of fluoride solution are as follows:

CR Number Vol. Kanata Vol. Ottawa River Vol. 1000 μg/mL F
9E-78 16 L 4 L 0.8 mL
9J-78 20 L 0 L 1.6 mL
9K-78 12 L 8 L 2.4 mL
9L-78 0 L 20 L 3.2 mL

NOTE:  CR E, J, K and L were the designations of the control reference water samples used in British Columbia and in the Southern Yukon. In the Northern Yukon, W. Goodfellow collected and used new control reference water samples which he designated CR M, N, P and R. The same control reference sediment samples were used throughout B.C., Southern Yukon and Northern Yukon samples.

Nombre des analyses: 23

Forfaits analytiques associés

IndexNom du forfaitNombre des analysesDonnées
1  Barringer (URP surface water, BC, 1978) FLUOR(U), ISE(F), pH 23   Télécharger

Faisceaux analytiques associés

Index du forfaitClassement du faisceauNom du faisceauNombre des analysesAnnée
1   1  RNG-0053-1978-BC-SW-1 11   1979  
1   2  RNG-0054-1978-BC-SW-1 12   1979  
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