Analytical Sample Bundle Metadata


GSC-NC-2009 Bonaparte Lake BC NTS 92P Till and glaciofluvial: ODM HMC and gold grain separation.

Type: lab data

Bundle Description

462 till samples and 6 glaciofluvial samples from Bonaparte Lake area (NTS 92P) were processed by Overburden Drilling Management, Ottawa for heavy mineral concentrates and gold grain picking. Samples were collected in 2007/2008 and processed in 2009. Gold grains were separated and classified according to shape.

Grain separation and gold data are published in GSC Open File 6047.

Analytical Package Description

Laboratory: Overburden Drilling Management, Ottawa, Ontario (ODM)

Name: ODM HMC Processing and VG counts-3 mineral ID (more)

ODM HMC processing and VG grain counts-thorianite, pyrite cinnabar identification

Analytical Suites:

1  ODM VG count
2  ODM IM identification
3  ODM HMC processing and VG counts [#2]

Analytical Methods:

IndexColumn NameSuite OrderMethod OrderSuite RepeatQuantityUnitsDetermination Limit
1  VG_tot    VG Tot  count  
2  VG_reshaped    VG Reshaped  count  
3  VG_modif    VG Modified  count  
4  VG_pristin    VG Pristine  count  
5  Thorianite    Thorianite  count  
6  Cinnabar    Cin-Cinnabar  count  
7  Pyrite    Py  count  
8  Wt_BulkRec    Wt  grams  
9  Wt_OvrSize    Wt  grams  
10  Wt_100_200    Wt  grams  
11  Wt_TblFeed_lt100    Wt  grams  
12  Wt_MI_Lght_1    Wt  grams  
13  Wt_MI_Hvy_1    Wt  grams  
14  Wt_MIHvyNFM_Tot_1    Wt  grams  
15  Wt_HMCNFMlt25_WASH    Wt  grams  
16  Wt_MIHvyNFM_25_50    Wt  grams  
17  Wt_MIHvyNFM50_100  10    Wt  grams  
18  Wt_MIHvyNFM100_200  11    Wt  grams  
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