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GSC –NC-2002-Committee Bay 56J, K, O Esker: HMC separation, < 2 mm

Type: lab data

Bundle Description

166 Esker samples collected in 2001 from Committee Bay (NTS 56J, K, O) were processed by De Beers for heavy mineral concentrates. Samples were processed through a Mini Dense Media Separator (DMS) and a Micro DMS for sink fractions. Dried sink fractions are sieved and sent for sorting and probing.

Grain separation data are published in GSC Open File 4602.

Analytical Package Description

Laboratory: DeBeers Kimlab, Kimberly, South Africa

Name: De Beers Heavy Mineral Separation and Sorting (more)

De Beers Heavy Mineral Separation and Sorting. Grains are processed through 2 dense media separators and sorted for visual inspection.

Analytical Suites:

1  De Beers heavy mineral concentrate and grain separation

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