GSC CDoGS WMS (shapefile based exemplar service)

This application has just been configured for use as a WMS, there is no web client functionality here.

Give the following URL to your WMS client:

Some test URLs you can try in your browser are below.

WMS version 1.3.0

Note there are changes to the names and content of the parameters between WMS versions 1.1.1 and 1.3.0; if you change just the wms version number in your 1.1.1 requests to try and get a 1.3.0 request you will get an error.

GetCapabilites request


Geochemical Surveys Index Map

Geochemical Surveys Index Maps (by survey group)

WMS version 1.1.1

GetCapabilites request

This is an XML file but you may have to save it to disk to read it:

Geochemical Surveys Index Map

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