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Lithogeochemical survey, NTS 25I, O, P, Hall Peninsula, Baffin Island, Nunavut, 2013.

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Survey Description

In 2013, 64 mafic and ultramafic rocks were collected on Hall Peninsula on southern Baffin Island, Nunavut as part of the 2012-2014 Hall Peninsula Integrated Geoscience Program (HPIGP).  Geochemical analyses were carried out to help evaluate the resource potential of the area.

A summary of the work can be found in Canada-Nunavut Geoscience Office Summary of Activities 2013.

Publication History

Index Publication
1 MacKay, C.B., Ansdell, K.M. (2014). Geochemical study of mafic and ultramafic rocks from southern Hall Peninsula, Baffin Island, Nunavut. In Summary of Activities, 2013, Canada-Nunavut Geoscience Office, p. 85-92. (more)

Geographic Extent

Minimum Latitude Maximum Latitude Minimum Longitude Maximum Longitude
62.45° 64° -67.5° -64.13°

The geographic extent of the survey is defined by the following polygons:

  • Covers most of NTS 25P (Beekman Peninsula) and parts of NTS 25O (Ward Inlet) and 25I (Loks Land) on Hall Peninsula, southern Baffin Island.  It is bounded to the southwest by Frobisher Bay.  The western edge of the study area is located approximately 67 km east of the city of Iqaluit.


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