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Till, Indicator minerals

Northwest Territories, Nunavut


Till sampling survey, Contwoyto Lake area, 76L/2, 3, 4, Nunavut and Northwest Territories, Tahera Corporation, 1998-1999.

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Survey Description

This survey consists of re-processing of the finer fraction of  till samples previously collected on the JD claim block in the Contwoyto Lake area, Nunavut and Northwest Territories.  The work was carried out by Tahera Corporation on behalf of Benachee Resources Inc., and Snowpipe Resources Ltd. The processing was conducted at High Density Minerals Ltd in Loveland, Colorado and Lytton Minerals Lab in North Vancouver, British Columbia. A total of 306 samples were re-processed. The purpose was to enhance existing anomalies and to discover new anomalous samples.

The data can be found in Nunavut Assessment Report 084185.

Publication History

Index Publication
1 Lopatka, S.B., (1999). Diamond Exploration Report, Processing and observation results and interpretation for the 40 to 60 mesh size fraction, heavy mineral fraction of till samples, Nunavut Assessment Report 084185. (more)

Geographic Extent

Minimum Latitude Maximum Latitude Minimum Longitude Maximum Longitude
65° 66° -112° -111°

The geographic extent of the survey is defined by the following polygons:

  • Covers part of NTS 76L/2 (Kathawachaga Lake), 3 (Belanger Rapids), 4, the JD property in northern Nunavut.  It is located approximately 450 km northeast of Yellowknife.


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