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Alluvial heavy minerals, Indicator minerals

Northwest Territories, Nunavut


Alluvial sediment survey, Kitikmeot region, Nunavut and Northwest Territories, Caledonia Mining Corp., 1993-1994.

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Survey Description

In 1993, Caledonia Mining Corporation conducted an alluvial sediment survey on their Coronation Gulf, Tree River, Bathurst Inlet and Back River claims in central and western Nunavut and part of eastern Northwest Territories on mapsheets NTS 86O, 66E, F, 76K, M, N, 86K, N, O, P.  In the Coronation Gulf area, the Rae, Richardson, Coppermine, Napaaktcktok, Asiak, Kugaryuak Rivers were sampled.  In the Bathurst Inlet area, the sampling concentrated on the drainage basins of the Burnside, Mara, Booth, Hood and James Rivers. The Tree River and Back River were also sampled.  In all areas, a series of 100 kg samples were collected.

In 1994, bulk sampling was carried out in the Coronation Gulf area, but not in the Bathurst Inlet region as the kimberlite potential of the area was considered poor.  Emphasis was shifted from the Tree River alluvial diamond exploration to kimberlite pipe exploration in the Kikerk Lake region.

The samples collected in 1993 were gathered using a Venturi suction hose and in 1994, the more effective Explorer Jig system was used.  Sampling in both years was helicopter assisted.

The samples have been SEM checked and data are available.

The data can be found in Nunavut Assessment Report 083452.

Publication History

Index Publication
1 Fisher, W.J. (1994). Caledonia Mining Corporation work assessment report on claims SSR 1-12, CG 1-126, RIC 1-8, EPW 1-12, HR 1-16, BI 1-40, and CA 88, 89, 123-138. Nunavut Assessment Report 083452. (more)

Geographic Extent

Minimum Latitude Maximum Latitude Minimum Longitude Maximum Longitude
65.65° 68° -117.63° -101.78°

The geographic extent of the survey is defined by the following polygons:

  • Covers parts of NTS 86K (Sloan River), N (Dismal Lakes), O (Coppermine), P (Kikirk Lake) and 76M (Hepburn Island), south of Coronation Gulf in western Nunavut.  The Rae and Richardson Rivers are located west of the study area.  It represents the Coronation Gulf and Tree River claims held by Caledonia Mining Corporation.

  • Covers parts of 76K/10, 15 (both untitled) and 76N/2 (Wilberforce Falls), southwest of Bathurst Inlet in central Nunavut. The James, Hood and Burnside Rivers are west of the study area.

  • Covers parts of NTS 66E/9, 16 and 66F/13 (all untitled) in the Back River area, central Nunavut.  It is located southwest of Pelly Lake.


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