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Soil, Till, Surface water, Bedrock, Groundwater



Hydrogeochemical survey, Keno Hill area, central Yukon, 1953-1955.

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Survey Description

Stream water samples were analysed in the field and those with significant amounts of heavy minerals were brought back to the field laboratory.  Samples of spring water were collected in the field and analysed in the field laboratory.  Samples of soil and glacial material were collected along travers lines at right angles to known or suspected vein faults.  Approximately 0.25 kg of soil or glacial material was collected on1.5 m centres along the traverse lines.

Details and results of this survey have been published in GSC Bulletins 32, 26, 29 and 111.

Publication History

Index Publication
1 Boyle, R.W., Illsley, C.T., Green, R.N. (1955). Geochemical investigation of the heavy metal content of stream and spring waters in the Keno Hill-Galena Hill area, Yukon Territory. Geological Survey of Canada, Bulletin 32, 34 p. (more)
2 Boyle, R.W., Pekar, E.L., Patterson, P.R. (1956). Geochemical investigation of heavy metal content of streams and springs in the Galena Hill-Mount Haldane area, Yukon Territory. Geological Survey of Canada, Bulletin 36, 12 p. + 2 maps. (more)
3 Boyle, R.W., Cragg, C.B. (1957). Soil analyses as a method of geochemical prospecting in Keno Hill-Galena Hill area, Yukon Territory. Geological Survey of Canada, Bulletin 39, 27 p. + 2 maps. (more)
4 Boyle, R.W. (1965). Geology, geochemistry and origin, lead-zinc-silver deposits, Keno Hill - Galena Hill area, Yukon Territory (with short descriptions of the tin, tungsten and gold deposits). Geological Survey of Canada, Bulletin 111, 302 p. + 15 sheets. (more)

Project History

Index Year Project
1 1953-1964 Keno Hill Project, central Yukon, 1953-1955, 1964 (more)

Geographic Extent

Minimum Latitude Maximum Latitude Minimum Longitude Maximum Longitude
63.75° 64° -135.75° -135°

The geographic extent of the survey is defined by the following polygons:

  • Covers part of the northern part of NTS 105M (Mayo), the Keno Hill-Galena Hill area in central Yukon.  The centre of the study area is located approximately 350 km north of Whitehorse and 40 km northeast of the town of Mayo.  Mayo Lake lies in the southeast pat of the study area.


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