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Till sampling survey, NTS 41H/1,7,8,9,10,15, 31E/4,5,11,12,14, Parry Sound-Sundridge area, Ontario, 1986-1988.

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Survey Description

A total of 276 till samples were collected in the Parry Sound-Sundridge area, Ontario in 1986, 1987 and 1988.  The data are published in Ontario Geological Survey Open File Report 5796.

Data Description:

Paper report.

Quantities Analysed:

<0.037 mm fraction by AAS for 9 elements.

Geochem Maps Available:


Other Analyses:

Grain size (<2 mm), carbonate by Chittick), heavy mineral concentrate for gold grain and point counts.

Publication History

Index Publication
1 Kor, K.S.G (1991). Quaternary geology of the Parry Sound-Sundridge area. Ontario Geological Survey Open File Report 5796. (more)

Project History

Index Year Project
1 1986-1991 Parry Sound-Sundridge, Ontario till sampling survey carried out in 1986-1988 (more)

Geographic Extent

Minimum Latitude Maximum Latitude Minimum Longitude Maximum Longitude
45° 46° -81° -79°

The geographic extent of the survey is defined by the following polygons:

  • Covers NTS 41H/1 (Sans Souci), 31E/4 (Lake Joseph), 41H/7, 8 (Parry Sound), 31E/5 (Orrville), 41H/10 (Naiscoot River), 41H/9 (Pointe au Baril Station), 31E/12 (Magnetawan), 31E/11 (Burk’s Falls), 41H/15 (Key Harbour) and 31E/14 (South River) in the Parry Sound-Sundridge area, Ontario.  It is bounded to the west by Georgian Bay, and by Algonquin Park to the east.


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