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SRC / ODM HMC separation

Saskatchewan Research Council / Overburden Drilling Management, heavy mineral separation, as described in GSC Open File 2875 (1994).

General Methodology:

The samples were disaggregated in a cement mixer with the aid of a sodium metaphosphate (calgon) solution.  In a few cases, repeated washings were required to prevent flocculation of sulphate and carbonate rich samples.  The disaggregated till was screened at 10 mesh to remove the >2 mm fraction which was washed, screened at 4, 8, and 16 mm, and weighed.  The -10 mesh (<2 mm) material was processed by shaker table to obtain a large preconcentrate.

Heavy mineral separations were completed by Overburden Drilling Management Ltd. of Nepean, Ontario, using methylene iodide diluted to a specific gravity of 3.2 using acetone.  The table concentrates were screened at 0.5 mm.  All >0.5 mm material was submitted directly to heavy liquid separation.  Some of the <0.5 mm fractions were re-tabled to reduce their mass prior to heavy liquid separation.  The ferromagnetic fraction was removed using a hand magnet.

The following weights were recorded:

  • Wt_Init (SRC): Weight of bulk till sample on arrival at SRC, kg
  • Wt_Dry (SRC): Estimated dry weight of bulk till sample, kg
  • Wt_gt16mm (SRC): Weight of >16 mm fraction of  retained >2 mm fraction of bulk till sample, g
  • Wt_8_16mm (SRC): Weight of 8-16 mm fraction of  retained >2 mm fraction of bulk till sample, g
  • Wt_4_8mm (SRC): Weight of 4-8 mm fraction of  retained >2 mm fraction of bulk till sample, g
  • Wt_2_4mm (SRC): Weight of 2-4 mm fraction of  retained >2 mm fraction of bulk till sample, g
  • Wt_gt2mm (SRC): Weight of retained >2 mm fraction of bulk till sample, kg
  • Wt_lt2mm (SRC): Estimated weight of <2mm fraction of bulk till sample, kg
  • Wt_lt3_2SG (CF): Estimated weight of <2 mm and <3.2 SG fraction of bulk till sample, kg
  • Wt_gt3_2SG (CF): Weight of <2 mm and >3.2 SG fraction of bulk till sample, g
  • Wt_FM (CF): Weight of <2 mm and >3.2 SG ferromagnetic fraction, g
  • Wt_NFM (CF): Weight of <2 mm and >3.2 SG non-ferromagnetic fraction, g
  • Wt_500_2000 (CF): Weight of 0.5-2 mm non-ferromagnetic fraction, g
  • Wt_250_500 (CF): Weight of 0.25-0.5 mm non-ferromagnetic fraction, g
  • Wt_63_250 (CF): Weight of 0.25-0.063 mm non-ferromagnetic fraction, g
  • Wt_lt63 (CF): Weight of <0.063 mm non-ferromagnetic silt fraction, g

[Description taken from GSC Open File 2875]

Instrument: unstated

Sample material: solid

Sample weight: unstated

Analytical Technique:

Hierarchical classification

Technique >> Physical techniques >> Mineral grain separation



Analytical Decomposition:

Hierarchical classification

Decomposition >> None



Analytical Methods:

IndexMethod OrderMethod IDQuantityDetection Limit
1  6386     Wt_Init 
2  6387     Wt_Dry 
3  6388     Wt_gt16mm 
4  6389     Wt_8_16mm 
5  6390     Wt_4_8mm 
6  6391     Wt_2_4mm 
7  6392     Wt_gt2mm 
8  6393     Wt_lt2mm 
9  6394     Wt_lt3_2SG 
10  10  6395     Wt_gt3_2SG 
11  11  6396     Wt_FM 
12  12  6397     Wt_NFM 
13  13  6398     Wt_500_2000 
14  14  6399     Wt_250_500 
15  15  6400     Wt_63_250 
16  16  6401     Wt_lt63 

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IndexPackage IDPackage Name
1  286     SRC / ODM heavy mineral concentration
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