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GSC (stream sediments) AAS (As, Sb; hydride formed with a Na borohydride reducing agent)

Geological Survey of Canada, stream sediments; atomic absorption spectroscopy (arsenic, antimony; hydride formed with a sodium borohydride reducing agent)

General Methodology:

A 750 ml sample was digested overnight in aqua regia (3 HCl : 1 HNO3).  It was then treated in a water bath for approximately 4 hours during which the temperature was raised to 90oC.  The final volume was 15 ml.  Subsequently, the element was measured by atomic absorption spectrophotometry using a silica tube heated to 900oC.  The hydride of the element was formed with a sodium borohydride reducing agent.

Instrument: unstated

Sample material: solid

Sample weight: unstated

Analytical Technique:

Hierarchical classification

Technique >> Spectroscopy >> Electromagnetic radiation >> Visible-ultraviolet >> Atomic >> Absorption >> Hydride



Analytical Decomposition:

Hierarchical classification

Decomposition >> Aqueous dissolution >> Acid >> Moderate Acid >> Aqua Regia (s.l.) >> Aqua Regia (s.s.)



Analytical Methods:

IndexMethod OrderMethod IDQuantityDetection Limit
1  1143     As_AAS  0.4
2  1150     Sb_AAS  0.4

Associated Analytical Packages:

IndexPackage IDPackage Name
1  381     GSC (stream sediments) AAS (As+ Sb+Cd+Ba), CVAAS (Hg), COL(P2O5)
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