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Canamera grain screening and Heavy Mineral Concentrates (0.25-0.5 mm, 0.5-1.0 mm)

Canamera Geological Services, Heavy Mineral Processing -Heavy mineral separation (sieve, permaroll and magstream) separation (0.25 - 0.5 mm, 0.5 - 1.0 mm).

General Methodology:

Canamera Geological Ltd., North Vancouver, BC. Mineral grain screening and Heavy Mineral Concentrations (HMC) using Permaroll and Magstream separation methods. Samples are screened to obtain the 0.25-0.5 mm and 0.5-1 mm fractions.  Screened fractions are magnetically separated by Permaroll separator. Samples are run on a conveyer belt with a magnetic roll at one end of the belt.  Grains are separated as they travel around the roll; non-magnetic particles are immediately separated out into into a sorting bin directly below the roll whereas magnetic particles adhere to the roll and do not separate until they have travelled past the roll.  Minerals are then separated into heavy and light fractions using a Magstream separator. Briefly, mineral grains are mixed into a magnetic slurry and put into a long duct in a cylinder surrounded by magnets.  The grains in the magnetic fluid are subjected to the magnetic field force outside the cylinder as well as an inward rotational force induced by the motion of the cylinder.  More dense grains are driven towards the outside of the duct and lighter grains are driven inward as they are not sufficiently dense to overcome the inward rotational force.  Both the magnetic field and the rotational speed can be adjusted to account for different density cutoff points.  (Magstream methods paraphrased from Kojovic, T., 1994. Application of Magstream in Mineral Sands Separation. Magnetic and Electrical Separation, vol. 5, pp. 231-263).

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