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GSC Field Camp water analysis

GSC Field Camp: pH and conductivity measurements

General Methodology:

pH and conductivity were determined using a WTW MultiLine P3 pH/LF-SET with automatic temperature compensation

The pH meter has a range of -2.00 to +16.0 pH, resolution of 0.01 pH and an accuracy of 0.01 pH.  Meters were calibrated using commercial buffer solutions with pH values of 4.0, 7.0 and 10.0.

The conductivity meter has a range of 500µS/cm, a resolution of 1 µS/cm and a full-scale accuracy of 1%.  Meters were calibrated using commercial conductivity standards.

(description taken from GSC Open File 1790)


Sample material: aqueous

Sample weight: unstated

Analytical Technique:

Hierarchical classification

Technique >> Electrochemical techniques


Conductometry | Voltammetry | Electrogravimetry | Coulometry | Amperometry | Potentiometry

Analytical Decomposition:

Hierarchical classification

Decomposition >> None



Analytical Methods:

IndexMethod OrderMethod IDQuantityDetection Limit
1  1455     pH 
2  1456     Cond 

Associated Analytical Packages:

IndexPackage IDPackage Name
1  162     Field camp water measurements
2  477     Cantech (NGR surface water) pH and conductivity [UNUSED]
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