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The text below is an exact reproduction of the original release notice, which was often unilingual.  It contains information that is not readily available elsewhere.  The information on pricing and availability is out of date.

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Lithogeochemical digital data release, copper and zinc in Proterozoic acid volcanic rocks, southern Wopmay belt, NWT (85N; 86C, D, E, F); R.G. Garrett, 1 diskette


This open file contains data for 1338 samples collected in 1973 from 669 sites in 40 identified bodies of acid volcanic rocks. Data for Mn, Li, Cu, Pb, Zn, U, and Hg are available together with field observations, including UTM coordinates.

Ce dossir contient des données de 1338 échantillons pris en 1973 de 669 sites à partir de 40 masses rocheuses volcaniques acides identifiées. Les données sur Mn, Li, Cu, Pb, Zn, et Hg sont disponibles et accompagnées d’observations de terrain, y compris les coordonnées UTM.


Sales/distributeur: GSC/CGC Ottawa

Price/Prix: $15.00


{#998, July 1990 circular}


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