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The text below is an exact reproduction of the original release notice, which was often unilingual.  It contains information that is not readily available elsewhere.  The information on pricing and availability is out of date.

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1307, 1308, 1309

Geochemical stream sediment and stream water maps for Cheticamp River (O.F. 1307; 11K/10), Pleasant Bay (O.F. 1308, 11K/15) and Dingwall (O.F. 1309; 11K/16) areas, Nova Scotia; 1:50 000; 16 maps/cartes (sediments: Cu, Pb, Zn, Ag, Fe, Mn, Co, Ni, As, Mo, Hg, U; waters: U, pH, F)


Open Files 1307 and 1309 represent additional data for GSC Open Files 986 and 987, respectivel.

Les dossiers 1307 et 1309 fournissent les données additionelles des dossiers 986 et 987.

The data were acquired under the Canada-Nova Scotia Cooperative Mineral Program 1981-1984. GSC funded the collection and analyses of the samples and Nova Scotia Department of Mines and Energy (NSDME) supplied the project leader and ancillary services. The maps are released jointly by GSC and NSDME.

Les données ont été obtenues sous le Programme minéral coopératif du Canada-Nouvelle-Écosse 1981-1984. La CGC finança la collecte et les analyses des échantillons et le ministère des Mines et de l'Énergie de la Nouvelle-Écosse a fourni le responsable du projet et les services pertinents. Les cartes sont diffusées conjointement par la CGC et ce minstère.

Release date/Date de diffusion: 13h00 EDT/HAE, 28 September/september 1987

Viewing/Consultation: NSDME, Halifax

Sales/Distributeur: Precision Microfilming Services Limited, Halifax

Price/Prix: $20.16 each/chacun


{#964, September 1987 circular}


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