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The text below is an exact reproduction of the original release notice, which was often unilingual.  It contains information that is not readily available elsewhere.  The information on pricing and availability is out of date.

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National geochemical reconnaissance 1:2 000 000 coloured compilation map series; Resource Geochemistry Subdivision, Resource Geophysics and Geochemistry Division, Geological Survey of Canada

          The National geochemical Reconnaissance 1:2 000 000 Coloured Compilation Map Series is a product of the continuing interpretation of the National Geochemical Reconnaissance (NGR) data. Variables have been computer contoured and plotted utilizing an Applicon colour plotter. Xerox colour copies of these maps are available in a series of 20 open files:


Open File



Northern Yukon and Northwest Territories

(117A and parts of 117B, C, D)



Central Yukon Territory

(106D, 116A, B and parts of 106C, E, F and 116C, F, G, H)



Quiet Lake, Southern Yukon Territory (105F)



Southern Yukon Territory and Northern British

Columbia (104N, O, P and 105B)



Prince Rupert Area, British Columbia (103I, P and parts

of 103J, O)



Taseko Lakes and Bonaparte Lake area, British

Columbia (92O and 92P)



Southeastern British Columbia (82E, F, K, L and M)


Baffin Island, Northwest Territories (27B and part of C;

37A, D)



Melville Peninsula, Northwest Territories (46N, O, P;

47A(S½) and 47B (S½))



Baker Lake, Northwest Territories (55M, 65P)



Great Bear Lake, Northwest Territories (86K, L and part

of 96I)



Nonacho Lake, Northwest Territories (75C, F and K)



Northern Manitoba, Southeastern Northwest Territories

and Northeastern Saskatchewan (54L, M; 64I, J, K, N,

O, P and parts of 64L, M; 65A, B, C)



West-Central Saskatchewan (74F and 74C(N½))



East-Central Saskatchewan (63M, 64D and parts of 63K,

L, N and 73I, O, P and 74A)



Southwestern Ontario (52B, C)



Lake Superior Ontario (52A, 52H(S½), 42D, 42E(S½),

42C, 42F(S½), 41N, 41K(N½))



Southeastern Ontario (31C(N½), 31F)



Northern Labrador (23G(NE½), 23H(N½), 23I, 23J(E½),

14D, 13N, 13M, 13L(N½))



Eastern Labrador (13B, F, G, H, I, J and O; 3E)


          In the course of NGR surveys (1975-1979), sediment and water samples were collected from more than 23 000 streams and 41 000 lakes in Canada. The surveys were carried out under the auspices of the Federal-Provincial Uranium Reconnaissance Program (URP) and Provincial Geochemical Reconnaissance Surveys. Sediments from all areas were analyzed for U, Zn, Cu, Pb, Ni, Co, Mn, Fe, Mo and those from some areas for Hg, Ag, As, V, F, W, Sn and Ba. When collected, waters were analyzed for one or all of U, F and pH. The source data have been previously published as Geological Survey of Canada Open Files and Provincial releases at a 1:250 000 scale.

          Each of the 20 Open Files consists of from 11 to 17 Xerox coloured maps, a sample location map and descriptive text.

          These files will be placed on open file for inspection February 25, 1981 at all Geological Survey of Canada libraries; Resident Geologist's office, Department of Indian and Northern Affairs, Bellanca Building, P.O. Box 1500, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, X1A 2R3 (Open Files 737, 738, 739, 740, 741 and 742 only); and Resident Geologist's office, Department of Indian and Northern Affairs, 200 Range Road, Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 3V1 (Open Files 730, 731, 732 and 733 only).

          Copies may be obtained at the user's expense only from Campbel Reproductions, 880 Wellington Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1R 6K7.


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