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Placer Pan Concentrates, Hayesville and Napadogan Map-Areas (21J/10, 7), Central New Brunswick, by W.H. Poole and G.R. Lachance

This open file consists of text and 11 figures (scale 1:250 000) comprising eight figures showing relative content of Sn, W, Cr, Zr, Yt, Ti, Fe, and Mn in non-magnetic, heavy fractions of 107 placer pan concentrates (XRF analyses), and three figures showing geology, sample locations and radioactivity of untreated concentrates. The area covers part of Miramichi anticlorium in which some granites have associated Sn, W and Mo minerals and fluorite.

This file is available for viewing at all libraries of the Geological Survey of Canada and copies may be obtained at the user’s expense from Campbell Reproduction, 880 Wellington Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1R 6K7.


{#867, May 1979 circular}


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