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Fedikow, M.A.F., Bezys, R.K., Bamburak, J.D., Conley, G.G., Garret, R.G. (1998). Geochemical database for Phanerozoic black shales in Manitoba. Manitoba Energy and Mines, Geological Services, Open File Report OF98-2, 124 p.

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Manitoba Geological Survey Publication (LinkID=911 more)
OF98-2 – The zip file contains the report (PDF) entitled “Geochemical database for Phanerozoic black shales in Manitoba”.  It also contains a self-extracting EXE file with the data in CSV and XLS formats and a file with instructions on how to extract the data.

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Lithogeochemical survey, province of Manitoba, 1995-1996. (more)
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