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Dunn, C.E. (1998). Regional and detailed biogeochemical surveys in the Nechako NAPMAP area and in the Babine porphyry belt. In New geological constraints of Mesozoic to Tertiary metallogenesis and on mineral exploration in central British Columbia: Nechako NAPMAP project, L.C. Struik and D.B. MacIntyre (eds). Geological Association of Canada, Cordilleran Section, Short Course Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, March 27, 1998, Extended Abstracts.

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Biogeochemical and till survey, Lennac Lake area, British Columbia, 1996 (more)

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GAC 1998 Short Course paper by Dunn (FileID=1438 download)
PDF version of C.E. Dunn's extended abstract from a Geological Association of Canada short course given in 1998 in Vancouver about biogeochemical surveys in Nechako and Babine areas of British Columbia.  The file was produced by scanning the original publication.
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