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Panagapko, D., Chackowsky, L.E., Lenton, P.G., Bailes, A.H., Corkery, M.T., Poulsen, K.H., Brommecker, R., Weber, W., Ames, D.E., Scoates, R.F.J., Garson, D.F., Theyer, P., Percival, J.A., Thorleifson, L.H., Matile, G.L.D., Grant, N.M., Burt, A.K., Mann, J.D. (2001) Geoscience data compilation for southeastern Manitoba. Manitoba Industry, Trade and Mines, Manitoba Geological Survey, Open File Report 2001-8, 1 CD-ROM.

title is identical and authors are similar to GSC Open File 4159 (content has not been compared because Manitoba OF is not available for download)

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