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McCurdy, M.W., Smith, I.R., Plouffe, A., Bednarski, J., Day, S.J.A., Friske, P.W.B., McNeil, R.J., Kjarsgaard, I.M., Ferbey, T., Levson, V.M., Hickin, A.S., Trommelen, M., Demchuk, T.E. (2007). Indicator mineral content and geochemistry of stream and glacial sediments from the Etsho Plateau region (NTS 094I, P) as an aid to kimberlite and base metal exploration, northeastern BC. In Geological Field Work 2006. BC Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources, Paper 2007-1 and Geoscience BC, Report 2007-1, p. 361-372.

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BC Geological Survey Publications Catalogue (LinkID=748 more)
McCurdy et al.’s paper in BC Geological Fieldwork 2006

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Glacial sediment and NGR stream sediment and water survey, NTS 94A, B, G, H, I, K, N, O, P, NE British Columbia, 2005-2006. (more)
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