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Fortescue, J.A.C., Hornbrook, E.H.W. (1967). A brief survey of progress made in biogeochemical prospecting research at the Geological Survey of Canada 1962-65. In Proceedings, symposium on geochemical prospecting, Ottawa, April, 1966, E.M. Cameron (ed.).Geological Survey of Canada, Paper 66-54, p. 111-133.


1A Brief Survey of Progress Made in Biogeochemical Prospecting Research At the Geological Survey of Canada 1962-65; Fortescue, J A C; Hornbrook, E H W; in, Proceedings, Symposium On Geochemical Prospecting; Cameron, E M. Geological Survey of Canada, Paper 66-54, 1967; pages 111-133 (more)-

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GSC Paper 66-54 (FileID=1435 download)
PDF version of GSC Paper 66-54, a collection of papers from the Symposium on Geochemical Prospecting held in Ottawa, April, 1966 and edited by E.M. Cameron.  The file was produced by scanning the original publication.
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