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Goodfellow, W.D., Jonasson, I.R., Smee, B.W. (1978). Uranium in Nisling Range alaskite and related rocks of Yukon Crystalline Terrane: discussion. In Current Research Part A, R.G. Blackadar, P.J. Griffin, H. Dumych, E.J.W. Irish (eds). Geological Survey of Canada, Paper 78-1A, p. 555-556.


1Uranium in Nisling Range Alaskite and related rocks of Yukon crystalline terrane: discussion; Goodfellow, W D; Jonasson, I R; Smee, B W; in, Current research: part A; Blackadar, R G; Griffin, P J; Dumych, H; Irish, E J W; Geological Survey of Canada. Geological Survey of Canada, Paper 78-01A, 1978; pages 555-556 (more)-

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