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Jonasson, I.R., Gleeson, C.F. (1976). On the usefulness of water samples in reconnaissance surveys for uranium in the Yukon Territory. In Report of Activities Part C. Geological Survey of Canada, Paper 76-1C, p. 241-248.


1On the Usefulness of Water Samples in Reconnaissance Surveys For Uranium in the Yukon Territory; Gleeson, C F; Jonasson, I R; in, Report of Activities Part C; . Geological Survey of Canada, Paper 76-01C, 1976; pages 241-245 (more)-

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GSC Paper 76-1C, Report of Activities Part C (Jonasson and Gleeson) (FileID=1011 download)
PDF version of Jonasson and Gleeson’s paper on surveys for uranium in Yukon Territory.  The file was produced by scanning the original publication.
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