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Levson, V.M., Meldrum, D.G., Cook, S.J., Stumpf, A.J., O'Brien, E.K., Churchill, C., Coneys, A.M., Broster, B.E. (1997). Till geochemical studies in the Babine porphyry belt: regional surveys and deposit-scale studies (NTS 93L/16, M/1, M/2, M/7, M/8). In Geological Fieldwork 1996, A summary of field activities and current research, D.V. Lefebure, W.J. McMillan and J.G. McArthur (ed.). British Columbia Ministry of Employment and Investment, Paper 1997-1, p. 457-466.

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Till sampling survey, NTS 93L/9, 16, 93M/1, 2, 7, 8, Babine porphyry belt, British Columbia, 1995-1996. (more)
Till sampling survey, Babine Porphyry Belt, NTS 93L/16, 93M/1,2,7,8, Nechako Plateau, central British Columbia, 1996. (more)
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