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Lynch, J.J. (1996). Provisional elemental values for four new geochemical soil and till reference materials, TILL-1, TILL-2, TILL-3 and TILL-4.  Geostandards Newsletter, vol. 20, no. 2, p. 277-287.

See also Geostandards Newsletter, v. 14, no. 1, p. 153-167; and Geostandards Newletter, v. 23 no. 2, p.251-260.

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PDF of Lynch paper, Geostandards v. 20 no. 2 (FileID=669 download)
PDF of the Lynch paper (1996) entitled “Provisional Elemental Values for Four New Geochemical Soil and Till Reference Materials, TILL-1, TILL-2, TILL. -3 and TILL-4”.
Geostandards documents authored by John Lynch (FileID=667 download)
PDFs of three journal articles, plus TIF images of individual pages, suitable for optical character recognition.
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