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Garrett, R.G. (1994). The distribution of cadmium in A horizon soils of the prairies of Canada and the adjoining United States. In Current Research 1994-B, Geological Survey of Canada, p. 73-82.

Some or all of the raw data associated with this publication have been loaded into the "Canadian Database of Geochemical Surveys" and subsequently converted into easy-to-use MS Excel spreadsheets.  Follow the links in the "Survey Coverage" section below to determine exactly what data are available.

Survey Coverage

Ultra-low density till and soil sampling survey, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, 1992. (more)


1The distribution of cadmium in a horizon soils in the prairies of Canada and adjoining United States; Garrett, R G; in, Interior Plains and Arctic Canada / Plaines intérieures et région arctique du Canada; Geological Survey of Canada. Geological Survey of Canada, Current Research No. 1994-B, 1994; pages 73-82 (more)-
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