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Activation Laboratories Limited, Ancaster, Ontario / Rock crushing (ActLabs RX1)

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Laboratory: Activation Laboratories Limited, Ancaster, Ontario

Method: Rock crushing (ActLabs RX1)

ActLabs RX1

As a routine practice with rock and core, the entire sample is crushed to a nominal minus 10 mesh (1.7 mm), mechanically split (riffle) to obtain a representative sample and then pulverized to at least 95% minus 150 mesh (106 microns).  The steel mills are mild steel and do not induce Cr or Ni contamination.

RX1 Crush (<7kg) up to 90% passing 2mm, riffle split (250g) and pulverize (mild steel) to 95% passing 105 microns

More than one 250g split may be taken, for internal laboratory QA/QC purposes]

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68  220008220009 Whole Rock crushing (ActLabs RX1)36 
296  220008220010 Whole Rock crushing (ActLabs RX1)176 
115  220008220011 Whole Rock crushing (ActLabs RX1)64 
40  220008220012 Whole Rock crushing (ActLabs RX1)
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