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Dalpé, C.


RCMP Geo-location Database Project, 2008-2010

Project Description

The Materials Profiling Section of National Services and Research at the RCMP has undertaken a project to chemically characterize soil, water, pollen and hair in cities across Canada for forensic applications.

The goals of the soil portion of the project are:

  •  to develop sampling and preparation methodologies to characterize soil by micro-analytical techniques;
  •  to provide a regional geochemical baseline of surface soil from cities across Canada
  •  to create a geochemical database to be used with a GIS to link other forensic material of interest (e.g. water, hair)
  •  to identify areas of interest for higher density sampling

The work was presented at The 3rd International Conference on Criminal and Environmental Soil Forensics, Long Beach, California in November 2010.

Survey History

1Soil sampling survey, cities in NB, NS, PE, NL, QC, ON, MB, SK, 2008-2010. (more)

Project Funding

The project was funded by the Geological Survey of Canada through its Targeted Geoscience Inititive 3 (TGI-3) and Canadian Mining Industry Research Organization (CAMIRO) Project 04E01.

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