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Kikerk Lake area Project, Caledonia Mining Corporation, western Nunavut, 1993-1994.

Project Description

Caledonia Mining Corporation 's 1993 and 1994 exploration program was carried out on the Cascares, East Hunter and West Hunter claim blocks in western Nunavut.  The properties were acquired in early 1994 based on encouraging results from regional stream and till samples collected in 1993.  The 1994 exploration program consisted of detailed till sampling across the three properties.

The primary objective of the exploration program was to locate kimberlites, but the till samples were also analysed for gold, base metals and other elements.

The data for all three properties can be found in Nunavut Assessment Report 083536.

Survey History

1Till and esker sampling survey, Cascares property, 86P/1, 2, 7, 8, Nunavut, Caledonia Mining Corporation, 1994. (more)
2Till and esker sampling survey, East Hunter property, 86P/5, 6, Nunavut, Caledonia Mining Corporation, 1994. (more)
3Till and esker sampling survey, West Hunter property, 86P/3, 4, 5, 6, Nunavut, Caledonia Mining Corporation, 1994. (more)

Project Funding

Private industry – mineral assessment report

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