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Watson, D.M.; Ozyer, C.A.


NTGO Non-Renewable Mineral Resource Assessments of Candidate Protected Areas, Northwest Territories, 2007-2010

Project Description

The Northwest Territories Geoscience Office (NTGO) has conducted fieldwork as part of Phase II Non-renewable Resource Assessments- Minerals (NRA) of several Candidate Protected Areas as required under the Northwest Territories Protected Areas Strategy (PAS).  This strategy outlines a community-based process to establish a network of protected areas across the NWT.  It recognizes the need to balance conservation and economic development, while respecting Aboriginal rights, third party interests, and land use planning processes (

The following areas were assessed and published in NWT Open Files by the Northwest Territories Geoscience Office (NTGO):


NTS Candidate Protected Area Year of Collection NWT Open File
106G, H, I, J Ts'ude niline Tu'eyeta 2007-2008 2010-07
85D, 95A, B, H Sambaa K'e 2008 2010-08
85C, D, E, F Ka'a'gee Tu 2009 2011-01
95L, M, N, 96C, D, 105I, O, P, 106A, B, H Shúhtagot'ine Néné 2009-2010 2012-01


Survey History

1Stream sediment, water and till sampling survey, NTS 106G, H, I, J, western Northwest Territories, 2007-2008. (more)
2Till sampling survey, NTS 85D, 95 A, B, H, southwestern Northwest Territories, 2008. (more)
3Till sampling survey, NTS 85C, D, E, F, southern Northwest Territories, 2009. (more)
4Stream sediment and water survey, NTS 95L, M, N, 96C, D, 105I, O, P, 106A, B, H, western Northwest Territories, 2009-2010. (more)

Project Funding

Northwest Territories Geoscience Office and Government of Northwest Territories.

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