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Grunsky, E.C.; Hillary, E.M.


Abitibi lithogeochemistry project, 2007-2010

Project Description

The Ontario Geological Survey (OGS) has collected and analysed thousands of rock samples in the Abitibi area over the past 50 years.  The samples were analysed using a wide range of sample preparation and analytical methods and the resulting data were catalogued in various formats.  In 2010, the data from the OGS's lithogeochemistry database (LGC) and three more recent data releases (MRD-123, -143, -155) were compiled into a single database by the Geological Survey of Canada as part of the TGI-3 Abitibi initiative. The data are published in GSC Open File 5510.

To provide high quality major and trace element analyses for studies related to massive sulphide mineralization, a compilation of new lithogeochemical data in the Blake River Group was undertaken from 2007 to 2009 as part of the TGI-3 Abitibi initiative.  Samples of interest were identified from the LGC (Ontario) and SIGEOM (Quebec) databases, pulled from legacy collections and sent for geochemical reanalysis.  The data are published in Geological Survey of Canada Open File 6623.

Survey History

1Lithogeochemical surveys, NTS 30, 31, 32, 41, 42, 52, 53, the province of Ontario, 1969-1993. (more)
2Lithogeochemical surveys, NTS 31M, 32D, 41O, P, 42A, B, H, Abitibi Greenstone Belt, northern Ontario. (more)
3Lithogeochemical survey, NTS 32D/4, 42A/1, Abititbi Greenstone Belt, Larder Lake - Kirkland Lake area, northern Ontario. (more)
4Lithogeochemical survey, NTS 42A/5, 12, part of the Abitibi Greenstone Belt, northern Ontario. (more)
5Lithogeochemical survey, NTS 42A/7, 9, 10, part of the Abitibi Greenstone Belt, northern Ontario. (more)
6Lithogeochemical survey, NTS 42A/5, 6, 10, 11, Timmins area, Abitibi Greenstone Belt, northern Ontario. (more)
7Lithogeochemical survey, NTS 32D/4, 5, Ben Nevis and Katrine Townships, Abitibi Greenstone Belt, northern Ontario. (more)
8Lithogeochemical survey, NTS 32D/5, Ben Nevis and Clifford Townships, Abitibi Greenstone Belt, northern Ontario. (more)
9Lithogeochemical survey, NTS 42A/6, 11, Timmins Camp, northern Ontario. (more)
10Lithogeochemical survey, NTS 42A/5, 6, Timmins West area, northern Ontario, 2000-2002. (more)
11Lithogeochemical compilation survey, parts of NTS 32D and 42A, Abitibi greenstone belt, northern Ontario, 2007-2009. (more)
12Lithogeochemical compilation survey, NTS 32D/1-7, 11, 12, Abitibi greenstone belt, western Quebec, 2007-2009. (more)

Project Funding

The Targeted Geoscience Initiative-3 (2005-2010) program focused on base metal reserves in established mining communities. TGI-3 provides integrated geoscience knowledge pertaining to areas of high base metal potential, with the intent of stimulating private-sector resource exploration. TGI is, by definition, a partnership program, delivered in collaboration with provincial geological surveys with participation by industry and universities (from

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