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Plouffe, A.


Central British Columbia mercury study, 1997-1999

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Mercury and antimony in soils (humus, B and C horizons) and environmental biomonitors (moss and epiphytic lichen) were examined near two past-producing Hg mines located in central British Columbia: Pinchi Lake and Bralorne Takla mines.  One of the objectives of this study was to establish if present-day Hg concentrations in soils reflect natural (e.g. metal cycling in soils, glacial dispersal from the mineralized bedrock) or anthropogenic (mining) processes and sources.  An understanding of Hg sources is important for environmental regulations and human and ecological risk assessments, to establish remediation strategies and to estimate Hg emission to long-range transport.  The study is published in GEEA v.4.

Survey History

1Soil and till sampling, NTS 93K, N, central British Columbia, 1997-1999. (more)

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GSC Metals In The Environment

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