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Jefferson, C.W.


Wager Bay MERA, Nunavut, 1985-86.

Project Description

In 1978, Parks Canada identified Wager Bay as an area to be considered for a new national park.  In keeping with the policy of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (DIAND), a mineral and energy resource assessment (MERA) of the proposed Wager Bay national park was initiated, to include a terrestrial area east of 92o longitude and between 65o and 66o20’ latitude.  Bedrock mapping, surficial mapping and geochemical sampling were carried out.  Data from the geochemical sampling can be found in Geological Survey of Canada Open File 2351.

Survey History

1Till sampling, NTS 46B, E, F, G, L and 56G, H, I, J, Wager Bay and Southampton Island areas, central Nunavut, 1986. (more)

Project Funding

Geological Survey of Canada; Indian and Northern Affairs Canada; Environment Canada (Parks Branch); Polar Continental Shelf Project

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