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Plouffe, A.


Southeastern Yukon till sampling survey, 1987

Project Description

The discovery of a Tertiary epithermal gold-silver prospect in the Tintina Trench, Yukon Territory, indicates potential for similar mineralization elsewhere along this structurally controlled depression.  A drift prospecting study was initiated in the summer of 1987 to help determine if a relationship between placer gold, ice-flow direction and Tertiary volcanic rocks existed.  The project consisted of a Quaternary geology study including stratigraphy, identification of ice flow and the glacial dispersal of rock fragments as well as till geochemistry.  Samples weighed from 3 to 5 kg each.  The data are found in Carleton University M.Sc. thesis (Plouffe, 1989).

Survey History

1Till sampling survey, NTS 105F, G, K, Tintina Trench area, southeastern Yukon, 1987. (more)

Project Funding

Indian and Northern Affairs; Noranda Exploration Company; Ottawa-Carleton Geoscience Centre

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