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Cook, S.J.; Dunn, C.E.; Fletcher, W.K.


Tulameen ultramafic complex, southern British Columbia, vegetation survey, 1987-1988; soil, water and stream sediment survey, 1988-1989; water, soil and vegetation survey, 1992

Project Description

In 1987 and 1988, various species of vegetation were collected on Grasshopper Mountain and along the road from the small community of Tulameen in southern British Columbia.  The purpose was to determine if these species could be used to provide an indication of the PGM (platinum group metals) potential of the substrate.  A summary can be found in Chapter 3 of the book Noble Metals and Biological Systems (R.R. Brooks, Ed.).  In 1988 and 1989, soil, water and stream sediments were collected on the southern slope of Grasshopper Mountain and near the summit to determine the concentrations and behaviours of platinum in the surficial environment in the vicinity of a known Pt occurrence, and to make recommendations for design and interpretation of exploration geochemical surveys for Pt.  An interpretation can be found in Journal of Geochemical Exploration v. 46 and v. 51.  In 1992, organic soils, seepage water and vegetation samples were collected near a seepage site at the Tulameen ultramafic complex.  Previous work in 1988-1989 indicated enrichment of platinum in base-of-slope seepage site soils.  The purpose of this part of the project was to check those findings and to more thoroughly evaluate geochemical and biogeochemical behaviour of Pt.  An interpretation of these data can be found in the Journal of Geochemical Exploration v.54.

Survey History

1Soil, water and stream sediment survey, NTS 92H/10, Tulameen area, southern British Columbia, 1988-1989. (more)
2Water, soil and biogeochemical survey, NTS 92H/10, Tulameen ultramafic complex, southern British Columbia, 1992 (more)
3Biogeochemical survey, NTS 92H/10, Tulameen, southern British Columbia, 1987-1988 (more)

Project Funding

British Columbia Geological Survey; Geological Survey of Canada

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