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Dunn, C.E.


Strait of Georgia, British Columbia surface marine sediment survey, 1992

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A geochemical survey of surface marine sediments from the Strait of Georgia and a few fluvial deposits from the Fraser River was carried out in 1992.  The purpose of the project was to provide baseline information on the distribution of a wide range of chemical elements in muds and sands from the survey area.  At the time of this survey, no comprehensive regional geochemical studies had been undertaken on sediments from the Strait of Georgia.  It is important to determine present concentrations of elements in this area because of concern about the level of anthropogenic input of heavy metals and other elements into the sediments of the Fraser River system and the Strait of Georgia.  This study will provide a baseline for future environmental evaluations in the area.  The data are published in Geological Survey of Canada Open File 3052.

Survey History

1Marine sediment geochemical survey, parts of NTS 92G and 92B, Strait of Georgia, southwestern British Columbia, 1992 (more)

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Geological Survey of Canada

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