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McCurdy, M.W.; Prior, G.J.


NGR/AGS stream sediment and water surveys, northern Alberta, 2004-2005

Project Description

The Alberta Geological Survey and the Geological Survey of Canada have conducted cooperative reconnaissance-scale stream sediment and water sampling in northern Alberta to assess potential for kimberlite (diamonds), base metals and other economic minerals.

In 2004 an orientation survey was carried out north of Worsley, an area selected based on proximity to the Clear Hills iron deposit.  In 2005, a survey near Hotchkiss River was carried out to evaluate the potential for base and precious metal mineralization and kimberlite in a previously unexplored area of northwestern Alberta.

The data are published in Geological Survey of Canada Open File 5807/Alberta Geological Survey Special Report 97.

Survey History

1NGR stream sediment and water survey, NTS 84E/01, 02, 84D/10, 11, Clear Hills area, northern Alberta, 2004-2005. (more)

Project Funding

Geological Survey of Canada - Northern Resources Development Program and the Alberta Geological Survey (AGS) of the Energy Resources Conservation Board

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