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Friske, P.W.B


Northeastern Alberta and northern Saskatchewan lake sediment and water surveys, 1993

Project Description

NGR lake sediment and water surveys were carried out in northeastern Alberta and northern Saskatchewan in 1993.  The data are published in GSC Open Files 2856 (NE Alberta), 2857 (NE Saskatchewan) and 2858 (NW Saskatchewan).

Survey History

1NGR lake sediment and water survey; NTS 74E, 74L, 74M, northeastern Alberta, 1993 (more)
2NGR lake sediment and water survey; NTS 64L, 64M, 74P, northeastern Saskatchewan, 1993 (more)
3NGR lake sediment and water survey; NTS 74N, 74O, northwestern Saskatchewan, 1993 (more)

Project Funding

Canada - Alberta Agreement on Mineral Development (1992-1995); Canada-Saskatchewan Partnership Agreement on Mineral Development (1990-1995)

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