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Goodfellow, W.D.


Central Yukon NGR stream sediment and water surveys, 1977

Project Description

In 1977, areas in central Yukon were sampled to complement areas previously sampled in 1964 (Keno Hill Survey) and 1976 (GSC OFs 418, 419 and 420) in order to provide uniform coverage across the area.  The resultant combined dataset covers an area extending between 64o N and 65o 30’N and 133o W and 141o W (the Alaska border), totaling approximately 60 000 km2.  Samples from 1976 that did not fall within the area of the 1977 survey are not included in the combined dataset.  Although Keno Hill lies entirely in the 1977 survey area, only some of the samples are in the combined data set because they were collected at a very high density and only some were chosen to meet the NGR protocol of 1 sample per 13km2.

The combined data are published in GSC Open Files 518 (106C, D, E, F), 519 (116A, H) and 520 (116B, C, F, G).  The 1964 Keno Hill samples are located in the SW corner of NTS 106D.

Detailed surveys of 12 areas were carried out in conjunction with the NGR reconnaissance surveys.  These data were never published.

Survey History

1NGR stream sediment and water survey, NTS 106D, E, L, 116/A, B, G, H, I, central Yukon, 1976 (more)
2NGR stream sediment and water survey, parts of NTS 106C, D, E, F, Central Yukon, 1977 (more)
3NGR stream sediment and water survey, parts of NTS 116A, H, Central Yukon, 1977 (more)
4NGR stream sediment and water survey, parts of NTS 116B, C, F, G, Central Yukon, 1977 (more)
5Detailed stream sediment and water sampling, NTS 105A, F, H, I, 106B, C, D, E, L, central and southern Yukon, 1977. (more)
6Stream sediment and water survey, NTS 105M, 106C, D, 115P, 116A, Operation Keno Hill, central Yukon, 1964. (more)

Project Funding

Federal Uranium Reconnaissance Program.

Fisheries and Environment Canada provided funds for the determination of mercury.

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