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Hornbrook, E.H.W.


Labrador NGR Reanalysis Project, 1987-1989

Project Description

An area in Eastern Labrador was selected for reanalysis by INAA.  The data were published in GSC Open File 1636 in 1988.  Subsequent to the original data release, analytical errors were discovered in some of the gold analyses.  The samples were reanalysed again, and the correct data were released in a revised version of Open File 1636.

Survey History

1NGR lake sediment and water survey, NTS 13I, J and O, Melville Lake Region, Eastern Labrador, 1977 (more)
2NGR lake sediment and water survey, NTS 13N, Labrador, Newfoundland, 1978 (more)
3NGR lake sediment and water survey, NTS 13K, central Labrador, 1983 (more)

Project Funding

Canada - Newfoundland Mineral Development Agreement (1984-1989)

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