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Goodfellow, W.D.


Central Yukon NGR stream sediment and water surveys, 1976

Project Description

A reconnaissance survey of 11,000 mi2 of the Central Yukon was undertaken during the summer of 1976 in support of the Uranium Reconnaissance Program (Darnley et al., 1975).  Since this was the first year of this program in the Yukon, water and sediment from streams intersecting a variety of terrains in different physiographical and geological regions were collected at an average density of one sample per five square miles.

Detailed surveys of ten selected stream systems were carried out in conjunction with the reconnaissance survey to aid in the interpretation of the geochemistry in the secondary environment.

The regional data are published in GSC Open Files 418, 419 and 420.  The detailed surveys are published in GSC Open File 388.

Survey History

1NGR stream sediment and water survey, NTS 106D, E, L, 116/A, B, G, H, I, central Yukon, 1976 (more)
2Detailed stream sediment and water sampling, NTS 106D, E, 116A, B, G, central Yukon, 1976. (more)

Project Funding

Federal Uranium Reconnaissance Program

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