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Hornbrook, E.H.W.; Maurice, Y.T.


Nonacho Belt lake sediment and water surveys, 1975-1976

Project Description

NGR lake sediment surveys were carried out in the Nonacho Belt, east of Great Slave Lake, in the Northwest Territories in 1975 (map sheets 75C, 75F and 75K).  Most of the data were published in GSC Open Files 324 (75C), 325 (75F) and 326 (75K).  For unknown reasons, some samples were collected in NTS 75C and analysed, but not published.

Detailed lake sediment and water sampling (non-NGR) was carried out in 1976.  Samples were collected from 17 anomalous areas across NTS 75F and 75K identified by the 1975 NGR sampling.  The objective was to provide more detailed coverage of the areas showing unusual element distribution at a reconnaissance scale in order to facilitate follow-up by exploration companies.  The data are published in Geological Survey of Canada Open File 489.

Survey History

1NGR lake sediment survey, NTS 75C, Northwest Territories, 1975 (more)
2NGR lake sediment survey, NTS 75F, Northwest Territories, 1975 (more)
3NGR lake sediment survey, NTS 75K, Northwest Territories, 1975 (more)
4Lake sediment and water sampling, NTS 75F, K, Nonacho Lake area, Northwest Territories, 1976. (more)

Project Funding

Federal Uranium Reconnaissance Program

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